PowerSchool Guide

Power School Overview

PowerSchool is Goochland’s student information system, used to record and track student records, including grades and attendance. It’s an award-winning system that allows educators and administrators to effectively and conveniently manage student records. It also allows us to share attendance and grade information with our parents.

Logging On

PowerSchool has now been updated so that you can now access all of your children’s grades with one login. You no longer have to remember some obscure password. You will need that access ID and password to initially setup a PowerSchool account. Once you are set up, you will not need those again. You get to choose your login and password for PowerSchool beginning in the 2012-13 school year.

For written instructions, we’re happy to offer this guide for accessing PowerSchool (PDF).

Don’t have Internet access at home? You can use the “wi-fi” zone and computers at the local branch of the Pamunkey regional library in Goochland, on River Road West, to access PowerSchool.